1 October 2018: Lady Arden becomes the third female Justice of the Supreme Court.  A quarter of Supreme Court judges are now women. 

17 September 2018: News breaks that for the first time ever a case in the Supreme Court will be heard by a female majority.

27 June 2018: Three new appointments to the Supreme Court are announced.  The Right Honourable Lady Justice Arden DBE will be the third women to be appointed to the Supreme Court.


2 October 2017: Watch as Lady Hale is sworn in as the first female President of the Supreme Court and Lady Black is sworn in as the second female Justice of the Supreme Court.  For the first time two women will sit together in the Supreme Court.  

It’s a particular pleasure for me to welcome at long last another woman member the court. I hope it won’t take another 13 years before we have a third, fourth and fifth member of this court.

Baroness Hale of Richmond

21 July 2017: The Right Honourable Lady Justice Black DBE is appointed to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom with effect from a date to be agreed with the President of the Supreme Court.  The Right Honourable the Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE is  appointed the first woman President of the Supreme Court.  Until Lady Black takes her seat on the Supreme Court Baroness Hale will remain the first and only female justice of the Supreme Court.

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Women are equal to everything

Motto of Baroness Hale of Richmond